Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Types of Sex Trafficking
Voice to skull Sex Trafficking (victim hears voices which is tech is tricked,
                                coxed ,threaten or blackmailed
                                into having sex with perpetrator talks in victims
                                head all day (non stop) till female is
(Victims should never give in to perpetrator file complaints take photos of
 possible perpetrator anyone you feel uncomfortable or around you).

Image with voice to skull sex trafficking (Victims is told lies about images
                                          they are seeing on T.V. on the Web,
                                           Magazines,or signs
                                           They talk and allow victim to
                                           believe they are getting messages
                                           or help with talk & Images.

Example: Victim looks at (Image) voice to skull Imply with words and images

They lie all day (do document as much as possible you can see patterns).

  (Victim should never follow voice to skull they should take photo of image
 and file a complaint of perpetrator trying to traffic).
They might be ordering females by looking through other persons eyes?
Telepathy sex trafficking (No words they use images in there minds or
                                 they use there wicked thought to aid in blackmail
                                 and threats. perpetrator likes to remind victim of faults
                                 in there life or lives of other (Like family).
                                perpetrator does not speak uses telepathy threats
                                 to scare victim).

victims should document fact that perpetrator used blackmailed or threats
(leave out details and file complaints its against the law to threaten anyone).
Panning other persons visual Sex Trafficking (They pan what other people see
                                                                                       and deceive victim into thinking
                                                                                       there getting help).
Example: They show image in a dream or a thought to lure victim into danger.
         (Never trust anything they do add some truths to lure victim into
          danger They sometimes cause victim pain relief after perpetrator tells
          them something and they follow they then attack when victims does
          not want to follow they can never be trusted).
Music Sex Trafficking (perpetrator has victim believing they are getting messages
                                           from songs that have words that can cause victim harm
                                           or lead victim into danger).

Modern music tends to lure males searching for females which can cause harm
to a victim (possibly looking for young female victims to traffic).

classical music is best (all day) have sound in the air record if possible
some announcer are used to traffic with there words (they work through them
to aid in trafficking).  Music with no words is best for victim.
The perpetrators use a mixture of all above &  psychology at times to blackmail victim (which is a crime)
or trick victim file complaints with F.B.I. if you are threaten or blackmailed with voice to skull.



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